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11 August 14

Via Schtaky with thanks to Lickal0lli for the translation


Via Schtaky with thanks to Lickal0lli for the translation

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8 August 14

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7 August 14

Razed. Fire in Yaba Compound, Cagayan de Oro.

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5 April 14
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14 March 14


Gurl are you sine because I’m cosine why don’t you get up on top of me and lets make tangent together


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Team Bully forever. ❤

Team Bully forever. ❤

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9 March 14

Found it deep in the Reddits, don’t know the source.



Found it deep in the Reddits, don’t know the source.


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The team behind The Dump - CGY 

PS: Don’t get weirded out by my hair on the first photo. I intently did that for ‘variety’ HAHHAA

We’re working on something really big, which we only got to realize that it was a big deal when people came out and showed their full support of it.

Funny, every time we have a meeting, we still get butterflies [and moths] in our stomach whenever we plan out. When we talk about the paging, the finances involved, and among others, we still literally freak out. 

It’s something we never expected to happen. It was just an idea. A mere conception of a crazy, one night across Terazzo and was agreed by another crazy. The crazy II texted her other crazy friends then they all cheerfully said yes. That was it.

But a lot of people, the everyday naysayers, think that this is something more like of a ‘shit’ than a project. Well, honestly, it’s a piece of shit. A crap. A trash. But the reason behind the shit is totally not something they would even want to believe. Hence, no explanation intended. 

We just think there is no profound point in story-telling our ‘cause’ to the [re]tards. Allow the time to shove it to their asses one day. So backbite all day long - we don’t give a shit either. :)

We are no professionals either. We do not think alike. Well, at some point maybe, but we have totally different interests. Whenever we get the time to sit and talk about trivial matters over a milktea or a Marlboro stick, we still get surprised with the things we have in common on music, men, sex, Science, etc. That’s us girls by the way! As our men simply talk about arrrrt and shit (and that would be weird if they also share the same interest as ours on men). :))

So on the 29th, our target, we’re doing some real shit. Drop by at Punchbowl at 8pm. Plugging, booze and music will start at 8pm. 

Shit. This is real.

7 March 14
I wanna wear this one!

I wanna wear this one!

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On cigarettes, a velvet cake and milkteas

…took the cab, arrived home, encoded, fixed, etc etc etc (insert kamalasan here). But it was my good friend’s birthday and I wouldn’t want to miss greeting and surprising her. 

Jeez, I’m tired of writing. Haha! Better be in pictures! 

So that is us, Jet and I, outside Sweet Leaf at Lifestyle District singing Happy Birthday. Jet has a class in 5 minutes and she has to travel pa. But she didn’t want to miss this ‘weird’ surprise either, as she said. 

And that’s our birthday celebrant, Czarmagne Dominiq! Haha! She will curse you to hell if you call her Czarmagne. :))

Well, she was surprised. Who wouldn’t get surprised with all the Marlboro cigarettes pinned into the velvet cake. :)) All she said was, “yawa-a kaayo ninyo uy!” HAHAHA


Light em up!

Lickin’ em like lollipops! Niqi: Flavored na cigarettes! 

Photo op1

Photo op2 - Oh Jay is there :D

Photo op3 - Oh Ali’s there? HAHAHA

Photo op4

Photo op5

There, there. ❤❤❤

Boy singot :D

Jet, Czarmagne and I :) We were really, really exhausted out from all the things we did for the day. Multi-tasked, no lunch, no breaks, etc. And this is how ‘haggard’ photos should look like! ‘Huehuehue’ HAHAHA

So we ended up drinking tea. A milktea birthday to you, Niqi! :)

Always remember, what the society thinks of you doesn’t matter at all. We never got to know how old are you but it doesn’t matter anyway as age doesn’t define maturity at all. ;)

We hope you liked the surprise. Jet was persevering enough to find you a decent cake and a pack of cigarettes. :D 

We love you. Cheers.

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